My name is Riley Wilson. Here’s a table of things I’m for, against, and on the fence about.

For Against On the Fence
textures (all of them) non-textures (like glossiness) smell
odd numbers (they’re strong) even numbers (they’re weak) prime numbers (possibly overrated?)
looking just shitty enough looking too nice costly signals
blogs! real-time online text-based conversations LA
the efficient market hypothesis in the long-term the efficient market hypothesis in the short-term the efficient market hypothesis in the medium-term
high-quality quiet TV listening to podcasts
conformity weirdos lying
Riley Rylie Reilly
office hours small class sizes small social environments
determinism about things determinism about people whether people are things

Feel free to reach out — my email is [riley][wilson][1]@[protonmail].com. Maybe we can get coffee or just exchange emails on esoteric topics. The latter would allow me to fantasize that I’m in the Republic of Letters sans a 16th century standard of living.

I have a newsletter with my high-school cousin who’s a budding leftist. We share links to what we’ve been reading every week. When something new appears on this blog, it will show up there. Subscribe here.

If you were looking for a professional summary, see my LinkedIn.